Natural Health Practitioner (C.N.H.P.)  

Counsellor & NLP Master

Do you believe that we have some control over our lives most of the time?

Are you aware that the choices that we make, based on our thinking, feelings and beliefs, can make a difference to our health & happiness.

If we are not happy with our current circumstances then it is up to us to change.

“If it is to be, It is up to me”

If this ties in with your beliefs, or you are interested in exploring new ways of thinking, then you have come to the right place.

If you want to re-examine your present belief system, because you would like better health and to feel OK with yourself, then read on.

My vision is to create a community blog for people interested  in personal development and holistic health.

I first discovered Prime Potential  4 years ago and it changed my life and my relationships. I now experience much less stress and frustration in my life.  So a new journey began to learn to facilitate this process and to bring about powerful personal change for my clients. This is blended with a holistic approach to being healthy.

 My Values

• Client centered    • Good value for your $   • Fast results

• Variable Fees



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